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We want to help you accelerate innovation, reduce cost and complexity, and enhance security and benefits from mobility.If you need to optimize for access to cloud applications, a mobile workforce, Internet of Things (IoT), or all three together, our solutions are designed for your needs. And they scale from the smallest to largest deployments. Check out the solutions below to find those best suited for your organization’s demands.

Cloud Security

An enterprise software system that gives you a scalable, secure framework to establish and maintain trusted identities and keep communications private.


We provide your business with a solution that enhance productivity of individuals in a group or team within an organization in order to achieve a particular goal. With this kind of solution, users can coordinate tasks and create individual workspace then have work-flows and data added to it.

The primary user who created the workspace can allow others to access, view and make changes, and whatever modifications are made on data and files are synced across all users. This ensures that everyone involved is on the “same page” and has the latest version of the current project.

Data Center

We provide your business with the infrastructure and security of a dedicated data center without the costs of maintaining such a facility on your own. By housing your servers in a colocation facility, you enjoy the benefits of having your servers in the cloud while still maintaining physical control of your systems.

Cloud Managed Solution Need

The path to unprecedented growth goes through the cloud, helping your customers connect people, data, and processes in new ways to embrace the possibilities enabled by modern technologies. To succeed in a digital-first world, business leaders are bringing business and IT closer together and optimizing processes to create new value for customers.

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Network Architecture

Network Storage & Back-up

Without a network storage solution, a file that needs accessing by multiple users who are not physically close would have to be emailed, moved manually with something like a flash drive, or uploaded online only to be downloaded again on the destination side.

We intend to provide your business with an easy way for your networked devices to access the same files, easy way to back up data for many users when they store their files in the same area and saves local storage devices from reaching their capacity.


Virtualization has become the key technology underpinning ‘cloud-era’ IT infrastructure and continues to draw attention from enterprises worldwide given the apparent cost benefits and flexibility that it provides. The capacity to set up virtual instances of servers, applications, desktops, networks, and storage devices
helps decrease hardware dependence while delivering optimum manageability and scalability and that is what GITS seeks to provide for you.

Networking services
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Technical Support & Maintenance

Today’s interconnected and fast-moving world presents rising opportunities on a global scale – for both companies and their employees. We strive to support and maintain your IT infrastructure to make business processes efficient.

Project Management

GITS assist you demonstrate sufficient knowledge to appropriately apply a methodology to projects that have reasonably well-defined project requirements and deliverables and also lead and direct cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget and resources.

IT Services
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IT training

We offer you the most reliable professional training . In addition to our topical IT training courses, key technology providers partner with us to ensure you receive the latest skills, learn best practices and have the knowledge to earn the must-have IT certifications.

Consultancy Services

Our IT consultants combine corporate levels of knowledge with an great level of understanding of business realities, allowing us to deliver a solution that goes beyond standard security or network offerings.
Whether you need assistance assessing or migrating your IT infrastructure or managing a complex network implementation, we will be glad to assist.

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Back-End IT Devices

We provide quotes on corporate systems that are used to run a company such as systems to manage orders, inventory and supply processing.

End User Devices

No matter the size of your business needs, GITS can equip your workforce with the right end-user computing devices, internet of things, and provide solutions to maximize your businesses’ productivity. ..



We also provide licenses at a relatively low cost.

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